Active Learning in Preschool

Our school incorporates the 58 Key Developmental Indicators that are a part of the world-renowned preschool curriculum, HighScope. 

The effectiveness of HighScope's active learning model has been documented by a wealth of research.  In fact, a recently released 40 year study shows the positive effects of HighScope's high-quality preschool instruction on children's future success.

HighScope is a comprehensive curriculum that addresses all areas of development by incorporating the dimensions of school readiness identified by the National Education Goals Panel. 

The HighScope Curriculum content is as follows:

• Language, Literacy, and Communication

• Social and Emotional Development

• Physical Development, Health, and Well-Being

• Mathematics

• Science and Technology

• Social Studies

• Arts and Music 

HighScope curriculum is organized to provide a supportive climate for students.  In a supportive learning environment, adults and children are partners throughout the day.  Learning is its own reward and children know adults are there to encourage their initiative.

We encourage you to learn more about HighScope by clicking on the following link: