Excellence in Early Childhood Education

Moldovan Academy's primary focus is to provide curriculum that ensures children arrive to kindergarten
ready, able and eager to succeed in school and beyond. We achieve this by helping each child discover
his/her unique potential academically, creatively, socially and philanthropically. Moldovan Academy's
curriculum is comprised of three parts: Academics, The Arts and Social Conscience.


• Language Arts
• Mathematics
• Science
• Physical Development, Health and Well-Being


Children at Moldovan Academy are encouraged to be creative and expressive based on their own desires and needs. We give children open ended projects so they can use their imagination to make their own creations. We also support creative play and exploration by providing interactive and well-defined engagement areas that reflect the children's interests.

• Music/Movement
• Fine Arts
• Performance Arts


At Moldovan Academy we believe in teaching children the importance of being active in their community. This education in social responsibility is achieved through group oriented Community Service Learning Projects. These projects provide the children an opportunity to visit, interact and ultimately help local organizations and nonprofits.

By raising their awareness, and learning more about their community, our students become more confident with their place in it, as they continue building self confidence and self awareness.

• Empathy
• Compassion
• Kindness